Tag: Ableton


Plenty of FM single cycle waveforms formatted for your Elektron Digitakt (but will work with any sampler really, including Ableton Live Simpler and Sampler). Import, set to loop and enjoy your new (almost) FM synthesizer.


A generative/random MIDI effect rack for Ableton that will output lush ambient soundscapes for you. Drop onto your instrument track, draw (or play, if you’re so inclined) a sustained note and lean back.


A pitch-shifting multi-delay effect rack for Ableton that – if used sparingly – adds subtle ambience or – if turned way up – wreaks utter mayhem on your track.


This Ableton effect rack will turn your track into a molten mess of delicious fatty acids.

Das Waschmaschine!

Hitting various parts of a washing machine to create a drum kit that rivals the original 808 like no other.