Tag: Atonal


A collection of pure analog modular glitch drum and FX samples for your DAW or sampler.


Hi-hats: No one ever really talks about them, but if they’re missing, everybody’s going to have a bad time. This collection of pure analogue hi-hat samples should equip you with enough high-frequency goodness to last for a couple of tracks.


We carried a modular system deep inside a cave and recorded the strangest noises down there.


Analogue synths driven to the brink of disintegration. Enjoy this sample pack of wooshes, crackles and other most worrisome electronic noises.


Metallic clicks, clangs, blips and other samples for your next glitch track.

Das Waschmaschine!

Hitting various parts of a washing machine to create a drum kit that rivals the original 808 like no other.