Elmyra is a digital/analog hybrid drone synthesizer and platform for sonic exploration inspired by the widely beloved Lyra-8. The 10-bit audio resolution of its oscillators gives it a wonderfully gritty sound, and the analog distortion circuit adds some nasty bite to it. Its delay can sculpt the sound into lush dronescapes or brain-melting feedback explosions. Elmyra can be played using the metal touch pads or put in drone mode, and there’s also a sequencer! Available in matte black/gold or glossy white/silver, the synth runs on USB power and you can easily build it yourself from a full DIY kit or buy an assembled one.

Reviewers are saying:

  • “… the real joy begins when you start playing the Elmyra and find some elements that you missed on the Elmyra‘s paragon, the Soma Lyra-8. Unlike the Lyra, the Elmyra has a filter and can be set so that the three oscillators are always tuned to a scale (well, sort of, at least). I am considering getting a second one.” (via Tindie)
  • “… Neutral Labs has made a successful debut in the world of drone synthesizers. Although the concept is based on the Soma Lyra-8, the Elmyra is independent and not just because it is digital. […] Of the four different drone synthesizers in my possession (Lyra-8, King Drone, Krischer M8 and Elmyra), the Elmyra is the most successful next to the much more expensive Lyra-8.” (via Amazona)
  • “Amazing companion to my Lyra. Also an excellent stand alone device.” (via Etsy)
  • “Good workmanship, all potentiometers are screwed to the front panel. […] The sound spectrum is quite large, so power noise is no problem either. […] Fortunately, using the Elmyra is not too complex, so that it’s wonderful for live performances.” (via Amazona)
  • “I am also a proud and completely satisfied owner of an Elmyra. […] The assembly is quick and operating it is very intuitive from my point of view. […] Elmyra ‘screeches’ into the heart of the drone lover from the start!” (via Amazona)
  • “Amazing little machine. I constructed the kit which for a beginner was relatively easy and Neutral Labs were very responsive with answering any questions I had. Looks great, plays great and will fit in nicely into my setup. Many thanks.” (via Etsy)

All information needed for a full DIY build can be found below. If you want to purchase, these are the options:

Right now direct orders are not possible, so please order from one of the stores above. If you have a special request or need just a PCB or panel, send an email to admin@neutral-labs.com.

Whether you build or purchase it, you may be interested in the PDF manual:

Wonder what’s in a kit and what the build process looks like? See here:

If you have a panel, PCB or kit, you can refer to the build documents to complete your build (check the version number on your PCB):

If you want to mess with the code (you don’t have to as the microcontroller that comes with the kit is preprogrammed), find it here.

If you want to etch the PCB and create the front panel yourself (only available for v1.1), you can download the PCB and front panel design (220 by 140 mm). Here’s the v1.1 PCB schematic for reference.

Drop me a message if you have any questions. And please share photos, audio and/or video of your creations: admin@neutral-labs.com

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