Digital/analog hybrid platform for sonic exploration


The successor to the widely acclaimed Elmyra synthesizer, Elmyra 2 is a digital/analog hybrid platform for sonic exploration, capable of creating anything from lush ambient soundscapes to gritty droning textures and shrieking noises, with your choice of 42 HP Eurorack module or semi-modular desktop synth, both available as assembled device or DIY kit.

A set of preset cards (included) or electronic components like capacitors or diodes can be used to change the sound character. The cards are compatible with the Neutral Labs Scrat VCF and Nijel distortion.

Elmyra 2 has four independent voices activated by touch or CV, a wavetable-based oscillator engine, 41 patch points and 31 modulation targets: every touchpad and knob (except master volume) can be modulated.

The release target is July 2023. In the meantime, more specs, teaser videos and photos will be added on Instagram.