Modulated destructive distortion effect


Nermal is a destructive distortion Eurorack module that has some unique sonic qualities. There are 3 levels of distortion ranging from subtle saturation to utter destruction. An integrated modulator can switch or even blend between these modes, with the modulation frequency going well into the audio range, in which case, interesting harmonics and artefacts can be created on top of the incoming audio. Nermal rewards experimentation and unexpected sweetspots can often be discovered along the way. In addition to the onboard modulator, there are external modulation options via control voltages (CV) for the most commonly used parameters. LFOs and envelopes work great, but audio signals are accepted as well and make for the most interesting patches.

Nermal is available from May 2021 as a full DIY kit from retailers. It's fairly easy to complete, with a moderate component count and no SMD or other tricky parts.

If you're interested in a prebuilt module, feel free to reach out by email.